Islamic Events Historical Timeline 1501-1600 A.D.

A.D. Events
1501 [Persia] Ismail I establishes the Safavid dynasty, and the Twelve-Imam Shi’ism becomes the state religion.
1502 [Golden Horde] The Golden Horde collapses into a number of smaller khanates.
1507 [Persia] The Kingdom of Portugal under Alfonso d’Albuquerque establishes trading outposts in the Persian Gulf..
1508 [Ak Koyunlu] Ak Koyunlu is absorbed by the Safavids.
1511 [Malaysia] D’Albuquerque conquers Malacca.
1514 [Ottoman Empire] Sultan Selim Iat the Battle of Chaldiran.
1516 [Ottoman Empire] Selim I defeats the Mamluks at the Battle of Merc-i Dabik and kills Sultan Kansu Gavri; Syria is conquered.
1517 [Ottoman Empire] The Ottoman army crosses the Sinai desert, defeats the new Mamluk Sultan Tomanbai at the Battle of Ridaniye and Battle of Cairo and conquers Egypt. The Sharif of Mecca presented keys to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina to Selim I and is declared their hereditary ruler. Al-Mutawakkil, the last Abbasid caliph, formally surrenders the title of caliph to Selim I.
1520 [Ottoman Empire] Selim I dies and the reign of Suleiman I, the Magnificent begins.
1521 [Ottoman Empire] Suleiman I conquers Belgrade.
1522 [Ottoman Empire] Suleiman I defeats the Knights Hospitaller and drives them from the island of Rhodes.
1526 [Ottoman Empire] Suleiman I defeats the Hungarian army at the Battle of Mohács, where Louis II of Hungary dies. Buda and Pest are taken by the Ottomans and Hungary is declared a vassal state of the Ottoman Empire.
1526 [Mughal Empire] Babur is victorious at the Battle of Panipat in India, and Delhi becomes his capital.
1527 [South East Asia (Indonesia)] Fall of Majapahit empire, the last Hindu stronghold in South East Asia. Demak established as first Islamic sultanate of Java.
1529 [Ottoman Empire] Unsuccessful Ottoman siege of Vienna.
1533 [Algeria] Barbarossa Khayreddin is appointed the Admiral of the Ottoman fleet and governor of Algeria.
1534 [Ottoman Empire] Suleiman I conducts a military campaign against Safavid Shah Tahsmab and conquers Van, Baghdad, and Tabriz.
1538 [Ottoman Empire] The Ottoman navy under the command of Barbarossa Khayreddin wins a naval victory against a combined Christian fleet at the Battle of Preveza.
1550 [Ottoman Empire] The architect Mimar Sinan builds the Suleiman Mosque in Istanbul. The rise of the Muslim kingdom of Aceh in Sumatra.
1550 [Indonesia] Islam spreads to Java, the Maluku Islands, and Borneo.
1552 [Khanate of Kazan] The Khanate is conquered by the Tsardom of Russia.
1556 [Mughals] Mughal dynasty reigns. Akbar founds the Mughal Dynasty in Northern India.
1565 [Ottoman Empire] The Ottomans are defeated by the Knights Hospitaller during the Siege of Malta.
1566 [Ottoman Empire] The Ottomans gain control of the Aegean islands.
1566 [Ottoman Empire] Suleiman I dies and is succeeded by Selim II.
1568 [Spain] Moriscos revolt during the Alpujarra uprising.
1571 [Ottoman Empire] The Ottomans are defeated at the naval Battle of Lepanto.
1578 [Morocco] The Battle of Alcazarquivir at Alcazarquivir in Morocco. King Sebastian of Portugal is killed.
1588 [Safavid Dynasty] The reign of Abbas I of Safavid begins.
1591 [Religious] Mustaali Ismailis split into Sulaymanis and Daudis.