Islamic Events Historical Timeline 501-600 A.D.

A.D. Events
545 Birth of Abdullah, the Holy Prophet’s father (approximate date).
571 Birth of the Holy Prophet (approximate date). Year of the Elephant. Invasion of Makkah by Abraha the Viceroy of Yemen, his retreat.
573 Birth of Abu Bakr (approximate date).
576 Birth of Usman (approximate date).
577 The Holy Prophet visits Madina with his mother. Death of his mother (approximate date).
580 Death of Abdul Muttalib, the grandfather of the Holy Prophet (approximate date).
582 Birth of Umar (approximate date).
583 The Holy Prophet’s journey to Syria in the company of his uncle Abu Talib. They meet with Bahira, a Christian monk. Bahira notes true characteristics about the Prophet, which forces him to ask more and have him discover the \”mark of prophets,\” a mark believed to be carried by all of the prophets of the Abrahimic faiths. (approximate date).
586 The Holy Prophet participates in the war of Fijar.
591 The Holy Prophet becomes an active member of \”Hilful Fudul\”, a league for the relief of the distressed.
594 The Holy Prophet becomes the Manager of the business of Lady Khadija, and leads her trade caravan to Syria and back (approximate date).
595 The Holy Prophet marries Hadrat Khadija (approximate date).
599 Birth of Ali ibn Abi Talib in the city of Mecca. The cousin of Muhammad and his son in law.