Islamic Events Historical Timeline 801-900 A.D.

A.D. Events
803 Downfall of the Barmakids. Execution of Ja’far ibn Yahya.
805 Outbreak of revolt of Rafi ibn al-Layth in Khurasan.
806 Harun al-Rashid leads a huge campaign against the Byzantines.
809 Death of Harun al-Rashid. Accession of al-Amin.
810 Muhammad al-Taqi, the 9th Shia Imam was born.
811 Abbasid Civil War: Battle of Rayy in Persia.
812, August Abbasid Civil War: the Siege of Baghdad begins
813, September Abbasid Civil War: the Siege of Baghdad ends with the capture of the city by the forces of al-Ma’mun and the death of al-Amin
815 Shi’a revolt under Abu ‘l-Saraya al-Sirri in Iraq. Harthama ibn A’yan quells the revolt.
816 Shi’a revolt in Mecca; In Spain the Umayyads capture the island of Corsica. Harthama ibn A’yan is executed.
818 Ali al-Rida dies in Mashhad. Muhammad al-Taqi becomes Imam. The Umayyads of Spain capture the islands of Ibiza, Majorca, and Sardinia.
820 Tahir ibn Husayn establishes the rule of the Tahirids in Khurasan.
822 Death of al-Hakam I in Spain; accession of Abd ar-Rahman II.
823 Death of Tahir in Khurasan. Accession of Talha and his deposition. Accession of Abdallah ibn Tahir al-Khurasani.
825 Establishment of the Emirate of Crete.
827 Ali al-Hadi, the 10th Shia Imam is born. Ma’mun declares the Mu’tazili creed as the state religion. Beginning of the Muslim conquest of Sicily.
833 9 August— Death of Ma’mun. Accession of al-Mu’tasim.
835 Muhammad al-Taqi is poisoned. Ali al-Hadi becomes Imam.
836 al-Mu’tasim moves the capital to Samarra.
837 Revolt of the Jats.
838 Revolt of Babak Khorramdin in Azarbaijan suppressed. Sack of Amorium by al-Mu’tasim.
839 Revolt of Mazyar in Tabaristan. The Muslims occupy South Italy. Capture of the city of Messina in Sicily.
842 5 January— Death of al-Mu’tasim, accession of al-Wathiq.
843 Revolts of the Arabs. Unsuccessful Byzantine attempt to reconquer the Emirate of Crete.
846 Battle of Mauropotamos between Byzantines and Abbasids in Asia Minor.
846 Hasan al-Askari, the 11th Shia Imam is born.
847 Death of Wathiq, accession of al-Mutawakkil.
849 Death of the Tahirid ruler Abdallah ibn Tahir al-Khurasani; accession of Tahir II.
850 Al-Mutawakkil restores orthodoxy.
852 Death of Abd ar-Rahman II of Spain;. accession of Muhammad I.
856 Umar ibn Abd al-Aziz founds the Habbarid rule in Sind.
858 Al-Mutawakkil founds the town of Jafariya.
860 Ahmad founds the Samanid rule in Transoxiana.
861 Murder of the Abbasid Caliph al-Mutawakkil; accession of al-Muntasir and beginning of the \”Anarchy at Samarra\”.
862 Muntasir poisoned to death; accession of al-Musta’in.
863 The Battle of Lalakaon breaks the power of the emirate of Malatya. Start of the Byzantine counter-offensive.
864 Zaydi state established in Tabaristan by Hasan ibn Zayd (Alavids).
866 Abbasid Civil War: Al-Musta’in flees from Samarra, his deposition and accession of al-Mu’tazz; Muhammad ibn Yusuf Al-Ukhaidhir, a descendent of Ali, establishes an independent kingdom in Yamamah.
867 Ya’qub ibn al-Layth al-Saffar founds the Saffarid rule in Sistan.
868 Ali al-Hadi is poisoned. Hasan al-Askari becomes Imam. Muhammad al-Mahdi, the last Imam of shiite is born. Ahmad ibn Tulun finds the Tulunid rule in Egypt.
869 The Abbasid Caliph Mu’tazz forced to abdicate, his death and accession of al-Muhtadi. Beginning of Zanj Rebellion in Basra.
870 Turks revolt against Muhtadi, his death and accession of al-Mu’tamid.
871 Bari is captured by Louis II of Italy, ending the Emirate of Bari.
873 Tahirid rule extinguished.
874 Hasan al-Askari is poisoned. Muhammad al-Mahdi becomes Imam. Zanji state established at al-Muktara during the Zanj Rebellion in South Iraq. Death of the Samanid ruler Ahmad, accession of Nasr I.
877 Death of Ya’qub ibn al-Layth al-Saffar in Sistan, accession of Amr bin Layth.
878 Fall of Syracuse to the Muslims.
883 End of Zanj Rebellion
885 Death of Ahmad ibn Tulun in Egypt, accession of Khumarawayh ibn Ahmad ibn Tulun.
886 Death of Muhammad I the Umayyad ruler of Spain, accession of al-Mundhir. Death of Abdullah ibn Umar the Habbari ruler of Sind.
888 Death of Mundhir the Umayyad ruler of Spain, accession of Abdullah ibn Muhammad al-Umawi.
891 The Qarmatian state established at Bahrain.
892 Abbasid Caliph al-Mu’tamid death. al-Mu’tadid becomes Caliph. Death of the Samanid ruler Nasr, accession of Ismail I.
893 Zaydi Imamate is established in Yemen by al-Hadi Yahya ibn al-Husayn ibn al-Qasim
894 The Rustamids become the vassals of Spain.
896 Death of Khumarawayh ibn Ahmad ibn Tulun; accession of Abu ‘l-Asakir Jaysh.
897 Assassination of Abu ‘l-Asakir Jaysh; accession of Abu Musa Harun.
898 Qarmatians sack Basra. By the end of this century, global Muslim population had grown to 3 per cent of the total.